This library is a hub of timeless information. You won't find set reviews, tournament reports, or "What we'd play" here: those articles become irrelevant over time. Instead, you'll learn how to review cards yourself, what you can extract out of a tournament experience, and tools you can apply at any point in your Magic career. You'll be able to come back to these articles time and time again and find them just as applicable as they are today.

Due to their strict guidelines and ambitious objectives, all of the articles are still in production. Below you'll find examples of the sort of topics you can expect.

Rules of the Game

An introduction level explanation of the core rules of Magic: the Gathering.


A list of keywords, mechanics, and jargon used in the Magic community.


An explanation of what formats are, why multiple formats exist, and what their definitions and ban lists are.

Confirmation Bias

A dive into the cognitive bias that tilts our perception away from facts and towards reaffirming our beliefs.


What is burnout, from a medical point of view? How does it affect all aspects of a person's life? How can one combat it?

The Law of Large Numbers

What is the law of large numbers, and how is it applicable to Magic?

Hypergeometric Distribution

What is it, and how is it used?

Nash Equilibria

A Game Theory staple, but what is it and how can it help players understand tournament results?